Monday, December 18, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017!

Merry Christmas, our dear friends and family! We send our love and greetings to all near and far. 2017 has been an amazing and full year! 

In April, we welcomed our eighth son in the world! Joseph Nathan Boss was born on April 13th, early in the morning, just hours after his Grandma Skousen arrived from Utah to be there with Mommy and baby in those memorable first couple of weeks. He has been a truly joyful baby to have around. Many of us have declared him to be the “perfect baby,” and only a few times has Sherie had to threaten to take that card away - he really has such a happy disposition, a beautiful face that all who meet him comment on, and a smile that draws in everyone around him. He has just found his voice, and delights us all with his “ya-ya’s” and “da-da’s.”

Clayton (3 ½) is a wonderful older brother. He loves having Joseph as his roommate, and is a great helper for Mom during the day. He has improved dramatically in his speech and can now be understood 90% of the time, which is a great improvement from earlier in the year, when it was more like 30%. He is into Star Wars, airplanes, and Octonauts. He has a giggle that is easy to find and

Bentley (7 ½) is a bright, organized and funny 2nd grader. He loves to be silly, but he has a serious side too. He asks phenomenal questions that stump his mom on a regular basis. He loves playing Star Wars on the piano, playing with his cousin Logan who just moved nearby, having playdates, playing in the snow, playing on the beach, playing in the water, and, yes, also playing video games. He is currently playing basketball and has also enjoyed being a part of running club. We’ll see if soccer makes a comeback next year.

Michael (11) is in middle school now! He continues to be our out-of-the-box thinker and is always creating new things, coming up with great ideas, and being our funny man. He is a great babysitter already, and does a great job entertaining Joseph as well. Michael continues to excel in math, science, minecraft, starcraft, and designing things for the 3D printer. He has started learning the cello, and plays in the school orchestra. He is also in VEX Robotics with his brother Seth at school.

Seth (13 ½) is in his last year at middle school, and is a straight A student - his work is always well done, on time, and impressive. He particularly enjoys math. He serves as Deacon Quorum President and has shown some great leadership qualities in this role. He also continues to play the cello, but misses the piano and has been caught playing on it as well - I think it’s making a comeback. Seth ran for cross country again - this year he earned the Coach’s Award at the end of season awards night. Coach told the story of Seth running ¼ mile sprints for a total of 5 miles, and towards the end of those sprints he wasn’t even getting a break, but he wouldn’t give up! He is a hard worker, full of optimism, does his best on everything he tries, and is a great example for all around him.

Jordan (16) is our oldest at home right now and is driving! He is a great help with his baby brothers, and it’s great to have an errand runner again - okay, Mom was only without one for a couple months, but it was rough! Jordan happily ran 6 errands for her the weekend he got his license. Jordan is a performer and continues to amaze us with each new thing he decides to take on. This year he was in the school play (Grease), playing several parts, and we learned he is a great dancer and singer! He has also decided to pick up the viola, and is learning that while he still continues to play the cello for the orchestras at school (he is playing in both the Concert and Philharmonic this year). He continues to amaze with his piano skills and we love hearing him play. Jordan is still getting great grades, despite also taking a couple AP classes, attending early morning seminary, and serving as 2nd Priest Quorum Assistant.

Chandler (18 ½) had a lot happen for him this year! He graduated from high school and seminary in June. He went on youth conference and high adventure and the next month left to serve a 2-year mission for our church! He is serving in the California Anaheim mission and is really thriving. His last transfer was an assignment to train a new Elder and serve as district leader. His letters are always full of such optimism and excitement. We are always so excited to hear from him. (If you would like to receive his emails, just let Sherie know)

Andrew (almost 21) is in the latter part of his 2-year mission! He will come home next May, and I think all involved would say that the time has just flown. He recently had a baptism that he was in charge of planning the entire program, which felt somewhat intimidating. After the baptism, the woman threw her hands up in the air and called out “Hallelujah!” Andrew is always sending such spiritual and inspiring letters - we are so moved by his emails (you can also get his emails as well if you are interested). It will be exciting to have him come home and meet his brother Joseph for the first time!

Sherie is overwhelmed by the wonderful blessings surrounding her, sometimes disguised as chaos and noise. It is the busiest she has ever felt, but the joy is also unrivaled. She was called as YW President in June, and that has been a humbling and also exciting calling (those girls she’s been praying for all these years….here they are!) Christmas Day is going to be amazing - she can’t wait to talk to both of her missionaries on Hangouts!

In front of the Idaho Falls temple
Greg is still with IBM, and continues to create patents like there’s no tomorrow. It’s amazing that there are still ideas to be found, but Greg is finding them! He now has over 600 patents, ranking him at 70th among all inventors, historical and living. He got a 3D printer this year, and the kids and him have had fun fixing things around the house, printing toys, and designing things just for fun. Chandler especially really shined as he had taken an Engineering CAD class at school and was already familiar with the software. Greg was released from Stake YM President after serving for 5 years, and is now enjoying being the Primary teacher to the 8 year olds. He does a fantastic job at every calling he has. He continues to be the amazing father and husband he always has been.

Solar Eclipse time!
The family has had some great family trips this year. Over the summer we took a trip to Utah, and also travelled to Idaho Falls for the solar eclipse! Being with our Skousen side of the family for a couple weeks was a lot of fun. Jordan also got to attend EFY in Provo, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Most recently, we did a first - a cruise with the kids (well, the ones that are home!). Yes, kind of crazy to take a baby and preschooler along with all the others, but it was a fun and memorable trip! We sure wish our oldest ones could have been with us, but we’ll be making up for it when they’re back (maybe a cruise with just them - then it will be a real vacation for Mom too, haha!). We went with our good friends, the Deibels to the Western Caribbean (Belize, Honduras and Cozumel). The kids enjoyed cave tubing, ziplining, snorkeling, and beach time with Dad, and Mom did some of those with the little ones, along with ship time and relaxation.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year for 2018!

The Greg and Sherie Boss Family

Greg, Sherie, Andrew, Chandler, Jordan, Seth, Michael, Bentley, Clayton and Joseph!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas to friends near and far! The Boss family has had another eventful year. If you haven’t heard already, we are expecting baby boy number 8! He will make his arrival near the beginning of April next year. The whole family is thrilled!

1 IMG_4129 5x7.jpgElder Andrew Boss (almost 20) is faithfully serving in the Arizona Mesa Mission. He entered the MTC on May 18th, spent 3 weeks there, and flew to Mesa, where he was assigned to his first area in Mesa, serving the Lehi 1st and Monument wards. He gets to attend 6 hours of church every Sunday! We so enjoy reading his letters each week and seeing his testimony and faithfulness continue to grow. He is an obedient and hard-working missionary.

Chandler 1 IMG_4446 5x7.JPGChandler (17 ½) is a Senior, applying to BYU, and preparing to serve a mission as well. Right now he is preparing to leave next summer, but he’s also considering doing a semester or two of college first. He has continued to take challenging school courses, including AP Physics 2 and an Engineering course. He is in his seventh and final year of playing cello in the school orchestras. Chandler is also part of the Robotics team at the high school for the second year, and has joined the school swim team again this year. He is enjoying dating, driving and having fun with friends, and we are most pleased with his spiritual growth as he has studied the Book of Mormon on his own, has stellar attendance at early morning seminary, continues to serve as Priest’s Quorum 2nd Assistant and serves on the Stake Youth Leadership Committee. No doubt the Lord has great plans for him as a missionary and beyond.

Jordan 1 IMG_4409 5x7.jpgJordan (15) is having a great sophomore year at Heritage High. He just finished performing as a guard in Shrek the Musical, loves book club and is talking about joining other after-school clubs now that he’s not in play practice every day. He’s just joined the Fiddle club but is playing the bass there instead of the cello. Jordan has also had near-perfect attendance at early morning seminary, and is doing a great job serving as teachers’ quorum president. Jordan also plays cello for the school orchestra and takes a piano keyboarding class at school. The progress he has made on the piano this year has been phenomenal! He plays Pirates of the Caribbean like a pro, and takes on new pieces with ease. Jordan is a great caretaker and despite his busy schedule helps out with the little ones whenever needed, without complaint. He’ll soon be “man of the house” when Chandler leaves, and he will fill that role very well.

Seth 1 IMG_4202 5x7.jpgSeth (12) is taking on 7th grade like a natural! He is becoming quite the perfectionist, and is still maintaining straight A’s in his honors schedule. He decided to join the cross country team this fall. We were so pleased with how hard he worked, and how dedicated he still is to his studies despite hours of practice every day and 2 meets almost every week. He was sad to miss out on his favorite sport, soccer, but is determined to resume that in the Spring, along with swimming, basketball, and possibly track and field. I think Seth is our sports man! Seth was ordained to the Aaronic priesthood this year and serves dutifully in his Deacon duties every Sunday. Seth sets the bar high for himself, and we are so pleased to see him meet and exceed it in so many ways.

Michael 1 IMG_4377 5x7.jpgMichael (10) is in his last year of elementary school (5th grade). He is taking on the responsibility of school work and being organized, and we are confident he will do great in middle school next year. Michael is quite the scientist and engineer. He loves all things scientific, loves to build things, take things apart, etc. Earlier this year a Nexus tablet that had been passed down to him stopped working. He figured out that it was the charging port that was damaged, and on his own, googled a fix for it. He watched a video about it on youtube, and ordered the correct part with his dad from Amazon. When the part arrived, despite his mother’s wariness, he took the Nexus apart on his own, replaced the part with some help from his dad, and put it back together. Mom was pretty amazed when it worked! As you can see, Michael is a creative, self-motivated, determined young man!

Bentley 1 IMG_4309 5x7.JPGBentley (6) is a great 1st grader! He is very organized, and gets out his yellow folder every day after school, and while eating his snack gets all his schoolwork done. We are working on his shyness with other adults, but he has no sign of it when it comes to friends. He loves playdates and recess and all things social. He is such a sweet older brother to Clayton. He very often gives up a toy or item when he sees that Clayton wants it. He is excited to have a new baby brother to help take care of in the spring. With Mom’s morning sickness, Bentley missed soccer this last fall, but is excited to play it in the spring. He also became a much more comfortable in the pool this summer, finally dunking his head all the way and swimming around like a fish. Bentley is hard-working and determined, often serious, but at times bursting with plenty of 6-year-old silliness with his friends and brothers.
Clayton 1 IMG_4249 5x7.jpg
Clayton (2 ½) has more and more personality emerging every day! He’s been a little slow to talk, so we’ve had him in speech therapy to help him along. He continues to say more and more and each day, and we love hearing the things he comes up with. He is all about Star Wars, and one of his hands is almost always in a ship or airplane-type formation, with sound effects to boot. He loves kicking balls, throwing balls, hitting balls with a bat, hitting balls with a golf club, and catching balls. Like his brothers, this boy is all boy! He’s mostly been in denial about a new baby brother headed his way, but just recently has begun to understand and accept the news. He likes to pat mommy’s tummy as she rocks him at night. Clayton has a giggle that brightens everyone’s day!

IMG_4066 - Copy.JPGGreg continues to serve as Stake YM President. This year’s youth conference was service-oriented, and Chandler and Jordan had a great time serving with their dad. Greg continues to work for IBM, and is now exceeding over 450 patents filed with the patent office. He is passing on his inventive and problem-solving attributes to his children - several of them have expressed an interest in being an inventor. Bentley was shocked to find out, when saying he wanted to be an inventor when he grows up, that his dad is an inventor! Greg’s travels this year have taken him from coast to coast, as well as to Dublin, Ireland in the spring. He may be traveling to Seoul, North Korea or Germany this next month. Sherie just hopes the trips continue after the kids are raised so she can join him on his worldwide adventures!

Sherie is in the best part of her pregnancy and relishing the 2nd trimester energy. The house is getting purged, the closets are getting re-organized, the pantries are getting stocked! She really is thrilled to have another sweet baby boy to look forward to, and knowing the ropes for boys, is anticipating a smooth transition to 8 children. It’s rather strange adding to the brood as the older ones are leaving, but it feels only like a blessing. Sherie served for a short time in the Primary presidency this year after being released as Activity Days leader, but was recently called as Wolf Den leader, one of her favorite callings. The beginning of next year will bring a lot of changes with a new baby, and a senior graduating from high school and leaving for a mission or college. But change keeps life exciting, right? Sherie tries to keep tabs on some of her hobbies and interests, such as scrapbooking, piano, cello, and baking. Spare time is something that has to made though - that’s for sure!

Our family had a fun “last family vacation before Andrew leaves” in May. We spent a few days at Boyne Mountain here in Michigan (don’t fool yourselves Michiganders - it’s no mountain - just a big hill!). Boyne is a ski resort in the winter, but has other fun activities in the spring and summer. We went on a zipline adventure, played golf and tennis, stayed in a fun resort, and had a blast at the indoor waterpark.

In April, Chandler, Jordan, Greg and Sherie flew to Utah for a few days to take Andrew through the temple for the first time, and see our niece, Sarah Ann get married in that same temple, the new temple in Provo. We also got to attend General Conference in the Conference center, which was a first for all of us, and very memorable. We couldn’t leave without hiking the ‘Y’ and left Utah exhausted and filled with great memories.

In July Greg went with Chandler and Seth on a high adventure to the Porcupine Mountains in the upper peninsula of Michigan. There was a tornado nearby the night they arrived, and over 11 inches of rain fell in one night! The boys ended up traversing rivers that hadn’t been there the night before, making new bridges where they no longer existed, and so on. It was quite literally a high adventure!

Sherie went out to Utah again in August with Chandler and Jordan where we all attended Education Week at BYU and saw our nephew Alex get married in the SLC temple. It’s so nice of our relatives to schedule their weddings so conveniently for us!
We had our last family vacation just before school started. We camped several days on Lake Michigan and had a blast dutch cooking, playing on the beach, playing in the sand, and hiking up the sand dunes. It will be a repeat vacation next year too!

We send our love to all of you! We hope the spirit of Christmas burns bright in your hearts this season as we reflect on the gift of His Son’s birth into mortality.

Greg, Sherie, Elder Andrew Boss, Chandler, Jordan,
Seth, Michael, Bentley, Clayton, and number 8!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015!

Merry Christmas to our friends, family and loved ones near and far! We are so grateful as the year comes to a close for the chance to reflect on our blessings. We include each one of you in our list of things we are thankful for! It is with great joy that we share with you the happenings of the past year.

Receiving a scholarship
at Senior Honors night
Andrew (almost 19) graduated magna cum laude from Heritage High School in May. He worked for Michigan Sugar over the summer (thinning sugar beets - ah, could there be anything more fun?!) and prepared for attendance at BYU in the fall. He is in the midst of finals right now, and we are so excited to have him visit home for Christmas. He plans to put in his mission papers in a month, and will be heading somewhere exciting next May! We have missed having him around here, but we couldn’t be more pleased with the future he is building for himself. He’s doing very well in school, and is working towards a Chemistry major, with talk of possibly becoming a pharmacist!

Orchestra concert
Chandler (16 ½) is now the man of the house (after his dad, of course). He is driving himself and Jordan to early-morning seminary each morning, and we are quite pleased with how well he and Jordan are meeting the 5:15am alarm each day! He continues to excel in school, and is managing to earn a 4.0 on his heavy-on-the-math-and-science load, including AP Physics and AP Calculus. He also continues to play cello in the philharmonic orchestra. He serves at the ward level as Priest’s Second Assistant and also serves on the stake youth committee. Chandler now has the distinction of being the tallest one in our family - that’s right - he’s outgrown Greg. Six foot one and counting!

Picking Michigan
Jordan (14) is in high school now and is already a pro! Surviving and thriving in early-morning seminary, and ace-ing his honors classes. Jordan is also continuing the Boss boy tradition of playing the cello - he plays in the Concert Orchestra. He also loves to play the piano, and enjoys picking out pieces that he finds on youtube, and adding his own flair to it. Playing the piano seems to help him unwind from the stress of the day. Jordan is also very helpful with his younger brothers, and can be counted on to assist with any babysitting needs, whether mom is gone or at home (and needing a break!) We are excited to see what the future holds for Jordan.

Wax Museum project
Seth (11 ½) is now in middle school! He is also ace-ing his honors classes and shows his strengths in the math and science areas like his brothers. You’ll never guess what instrument he plays in orchestra - that’s right…….cello! In addition, Seth still continues to play the piano and loves to play his favorite piece, Pachelbel’s Canon in D. He still loves soccer and plays both spring and fall. He is also a very hard worker - he is often the first to get his chores done, and he does them well. He also has such a loving and sweet personality, an easy smile and peacemaking skills. What great gifts to share with the world!

Loving Cub scouts!
Michael (9) just got back from his first overnighter away from home, and LOVED it! He attended Hartley, a 3-day adventure the 4th graders get to attend. Some of those 4th graders may have been a bit nervous the night before, but Michael was only E-X-C-I-T-E-D!! He is super excited to share the pictures he took once we get his disposable cameras developed. Michael is doing great in school, and has also shown some promise in the area of public speaking! We really think his future career may involve something in that area, because this boy is fearless. For several months in a row this year, Michael, with no prompting from any of us, got up in sacrament meeting and bore a heartfelt and touching testimony. We can’t wait to see how he will use this gift to bless others!

Happy birthday!
Bentley (5 ½) is now in kindergarten! He really loves it, and each day comes home excited to show Mom what’s in his red folder. In fact, his day is quite discombobulated if Mom is not there right when he gets home, because “Mom! We have to do my red folder!” He is also very thorough about finishing any work that isn’t all the way complete, including coloring the pictures. I haven’t had a boy quite like this before! He is all about the details, and is very careful about them as well. He is loving learning how to read and is writing like a pro. Bentley is a little shy guy, so we’re working on getting him to talk to other adults besides Mom. Sometimes he likes to just pretend they aren’t there, or aren’t talking to him. But once he gets talking, get ready - because this boy has a lot to say! He is so much fun (five is one of Mom’s favorite ages!), and he is also such a great brother to little Clayton. Clayton just cries his eyes out when Bentley goes to school!

Having fun in the swing
at the treehouse
Clayton (almost 2) is our fun little caboose! Speaking of trains, he, like Bentley, is a choo-choo train boy! We got a train to go around our Christmas tree, and he and Bentley and LOVE turning that on and playing the music to it. Clayton has a cute little dance, and his head bobs from side to side any time he hears music - you just can’t not laugh! He also loves to kick anything resembling a ball around the house - we may have another soccer player around here! We’re working on trying to get Clayton to talk more - he thinks grunts, sounds and head bobs are enough - as long as Mom gets it figured out eventually! But Clayton truly is a joy - we all just love stealing kisses, tickling him to pieces, and finding ways to make his day, because his squeals of delight are precious!

The whole family at the Indianapolis
temple open housoe
One of our family trips this year that involved the entire family was a weekend trip to Indianapolis. We got to go through the Indianapolis temple open house (according to Michael, something he has wanted to do his ENTIRE life!), visit some good friends, do some high speed indoor kart racing, and see the famous Indy 500 track. The kids always enjoy a road trip - nowadays, it takes two cars to take a road trip with the whole family!  

Andrew, Sherie and Chandler in
front of the almost completed
Provo City Center temple
In August, Sherie, Andrew and Chandler drove out to Utah to take Andrew to BYU. The three of us attended Education Week with Sherie’s mom and it was such a great experience! We also had fun catching up with family and friends. While we were gone, Greg not only took care of all the other kids, but completely purged the garage, put a new flooring on it, and prepped it for painting (which he and Sherie did when she got back).

Our new shed
Another big summer project this year was getting making our back yard bigger! More than half of our yard is forest, so we had many trees removed, sprinklers and grass put in, and even a really nice looking shed. The kids can now play games out there and run around on the grass. And, in their spare time, the older boys can split wood from all the trees we took down!

The backyard before the shed is built
Sherie is still serving as Activity Days leader and loving it! She also plays the piano for the choir, and serves as Advancement Coordinator on the Scouting committee. She’s looking forward to heading up Chess club at the elementary school again, and has Seth begging her to start something at the middle school as well - we’ll see! She was thrilled about her birthday present - Greg built her a sewing and craft area in an unused part of the master bedroom - cabinets, drawers and plenty of flat space to spread out! She is super excited to find lots of spare time to use it!

Greg is still serving as Stake Young Men’s President. This year for youth conference, they went to Kirtland Ohio. He continues to be an amazing father and husband. This in addition to the hard work he puts in at IBM, continuing to file patents as in years past. He is now listed on Wikipedia under prolific inventors, along with Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and others (no kidding!).

We hope this next year brings many great memories and blessings. We love you all!

Greg, Sherie, Andrew, Chandler, Jordan, Seth, Michael, Bentley and Clayton

Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!

It has been a blessed year for our family, and we hope you have found blessings to count as well. We welcomed our seventh son into the family on March 1st!

Clayton (10 months) is such a joy, as all our baby boys have been. He is well loved by all his brothers and is loving being mobile. He always has a ready audience that claps and smiles for him, and he claps, smiles and “talks” right back. He is pure joy!

Bentley (4 years) is loving preschool, trains, and Jake and the Neverland pirates. He is a great bigger brother and loves to giggle with Clayton. He loves to color, paint and create, and is very particular and patient in any task he undertakes. He’s always the last to finish eating, and will sit for a good 30-45 minutes as he carefully colors or paints a project. He has great persistence! We can’t wait to see what talents continue to develop in him as he grows!

Michael (8 years) was baptized this year and is such a sweet boy. He loves to draw, paint, color, and writing cursive is his favorite subject. He insists that all his schoolwork is to be done in his best cursive, and goes to work to do it well. He also loves playing the piano and playing chess. He placed second in the school chess tournament for the second year in a row! He also placed 2nd in a Mathnasium Trimathlon this fall. Michael shows great persistence, brightness and creativity. We love him!

Seth (10 ½ years) is also a chess master. He placed first in the aforementioned chess tournament, also two years running. He also loves to play the piano, has mastered some difficult pieces, and is working on a fancy Pachelbel Canon for the piano. Seth is also still loving soccer and played on a season-winning team this fall, which was a lot of fun. Seth loves math, and placed 3rd in his grade in the Mathnasium Trimathalon. Seth is always willing to help out, and is often the first to get his jobs done. We sure love having his positive attitude and peacemaking skills around here!

Jordan (13) is a middle school master. He’s ace-ing all his honors classes, and making it look easy. He has mastered several difficult piano pieces, and is getting to be a great sightreader. He is a natural with children and babies. I sometimes call him my baby-whisperer. Jordan has served in his deacon quorum presidency, and continues to honor his priesthood responsibilities, serving the sacrament each week, and being a good friend to all the fellow young men. We are so proud of the spiritual strength he brings to the family!

Chandler (15 ½) is conquering high school like a pro. As a sophomore, he’s got a heavy load with AP, honors and pre-calculus classes (and is ace-ing all of them), and has plans to beef up his schedule even more next year with 3 AP classes, all math and science (his strengths, for sure)! On top of this, he is swimming with the Men’s Varsity swim team again, and arises early each morning for seminary starting bright and early at 6am. He continues with cello in the philharmonic orchestra as well. Chandler has well-outgrown his mother, and is almost on par with his dad. We’re replacing his clothes every 3 months it seems! Chandler also fulfills his priesthood duties as Teachers quorum secretary and priesthood chorister. We love the enthusiasm and humor Chandler keeps going around here!

Andrew (almost 18) is an amazing young man. He continues to ace his classes, and is also busy with the swim team with Chandler, and early morning seminary. Andrew has a great gift of persistence. We see no sign of senioritis (yet!) as he takes his studies quite seriously. He is taking AP Chemistry this year and more than once has been the highest scorer on an exam. Science is definitely Andrew’s strength and love. He has plans to attend BYU and serve a mission in the next year or two (he’s still deciding which one the Lord wants him to do first). Andrew also plays the cello with the philharmonic orchestra. Having Andrew around is like having a third parent - he is always willing to help out with kids, work, cleaning...whatever we need. We are so grateful for the great example Andrew is, and the help he provides around here. Wherever he is next year, he is sure going to be missed!

Sherie dressed up to attend a Downton
Abbey season 5 premier event
Sherie Clayton and Bentley on the train

Sherie (40) is busy busy busy. She is now serving as Activity Days leader. It’s fun doing girlie things with a bunch of girls! She had a great time doing chess club at the kids’ elementary school last spring and this fall/winter. Having another baby has been a tiring, but rewarding experience. Nothing like the joy a baby brings to a family!

Greg ready for pioneer trek
Greg and his bear
Greg (43) had a fun adventure early in the summer this year. He went on a bear hunt with his brother, dad, uncle and nephew in northern Idaho. This was a first for him! He was one of three in his group to get a bear! Pretty exciting stuff. Greg and Sherie celebrated 20 years of marriage this last May! Hard to believe it’s been that long. We also celebrated Sherie’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. We were able to fly to Utah with just Clayton for a few days to celebrate with them. We also enjoyed attending a mission reunion in Louisville Kentucky in late June. Greg continues to serve as stake YM president.

Clayton, Seth, Michael, Bentley riding the train
Visiting the Detroit Zoo
We had a fun summer this year - not as much “whole family” travelling as last year, as there was a baby this year. Andrew and Chandler went on a canoeing high adventure in late June. In July, Sherie took the younger four on a mini-vacation to Detroit while Andrew and Chandler recovered at home from getting their wisdom teeth removed (and Jordan would have been at scout camp, but got ill). In Detroit we went to the Zoo, visited the temple, went to an indoor trampoline park, and rode a real steam engine. It was a blast! In late July, Greg, Andrew and Chandler participated in a Pioneer Trek re-enactment. Sherie had a good time sewing some pioneer clothes for them in the weeks leading up to it. In August, Greg took Andrew, Chandler, and 8 other young men who earned their Eagles on an Eagle Reward trip. They went to Washington DC by way of Cedar Point amusement park, a water-rafting adventure, and a high-speed go-cart track. The rest of the time, we relaxed at the neighbor’s pool and soaked in the summer fun.
Eagle Scouts in front of the White House
We wish you all a Merry Christmas! We love hearing from each of you at this time of year!

Greg, Sherie, Andrew, Chandler, Jordan, Seth, Michael, Bentley and Clayton